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The Return of Spirit Fest!

By Shauna Sandhu October 8, 2022

Last Sunday, October 2, 2022, after 3 years, Spirit Fest was finally back! Seniors Annika Tayal and Gabby Davis were part of the amazing management that made it all happen. They transformed the little green area next to the football field into an awesome event for charity. The two were also kind enough to answer a few general questions for us.

Who all helped make it happen?

Annika: “It’s a group effort, but we took the head on planning it. It was kinda like delegating and asking around, but a team effort.”

What was the reason for all this?

Gabby: “This is all for charity, Spirit Chain, our three charities this year are TJ’s place of hope, House of Bread, and Bubble Buddy Foundation. We covered a lot of ground this year with our charities, which were really excited about. We’re hoping to make a lot of money from this since we haven’t done since Covid.”

So its main purpose was to earn money for local organizations and the school through multiple booths, a few food trucks, silent auctions, and wonderful performances.

The booths consisted of local organizations/businesses and CHS clubs/programs:

  • theater program sold ducks with personalities

  • Stem with Purpose offered trivia, slime, cookies, and other cool stuff

  • CHS women's empowerment club sold jewelry and homemade pretzels

  • Muslim Student Association offered henna tattoos

  • Culinary program sold baked goods

  • stand with face painting and caricatures

  • a cute homemade soap booth

  • stand with neon shirts and bracelets

  • opportunity to smash a car

  • photo booth with props

  • and more!

The food trucks were Underdogs selling all sorts of tater tots and hotdogs, ClayBorn Grill, and then classic Kona Ice. Later in the evening, there was the opportunity to watch performances from the Centerville Coeds and Forte Acapella. There was also live music, an area to play basketball, and space to play cornhole. Next to the stadium, a silent auction for baskets donated by local organizations and school clubs was held - Journalism Club contributed one as well!

Personally, I had a nice time buying cute stuff and eating good food. It was a great event and I hope anyone else who came enjoyed it as well. Glad it made money for charity!

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