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About Us

Journalism Club was started by Lillian Ali & Maddie Thomas in 2021.  It was created for students to produce articles for other students. It strives to improve writing skills, discuss passionate topics, and have student voices heard. 

Click "Explore Articles" to read current articles as well as pieces from previous years.

Interested in joining the club or contributing an article? Click "Contact Us" to get in touch! 

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Meet The Journalists


Shauna Sandhu

Shauna is a junior who is president of Journalism Club. She is a part of Orchestra, helps run Calligraphy Club, and is involved in Key Club, Book Club, Poetry Club, and more. In her free time she enjoys baking, reading, and listening to Taylor Swift. Her favorite snack is pretzels and she enjoys learning about history.  The reason she joined Journalism Club is her interest in writing, especially informative and opinionated pieces. Though she stayed for the welcoming atmosphere that provided a chance to discuss and write with cool people.

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Eimaan Virani

Eimaan is a junior who helps run a Journalism Club.  She is also involved in Science Olympiad, Equality Club, Key Club, Art Ascending, etc. In her spare time, she  enjoys learning about science, marketing, and communications. Eimaan joined journalism last school year, originally to get better at writing. She also had an interest in journalism and communications, and felt that it would be the perfect way to test out some of her interests. What she found in the end, was a tight knit community of students who shared the same interests as her. Even though it was often a small crowd, having an outlet to voice her concerns, opinions, and interest with group like-minded individuals. 

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Methni Ariywansa

Methni is a junior who helps run Journalism Club. She is also involved in Speech and Debate, Poetry Club, Calligraphy Club, martial arts, and volunteering. In her spare time, Methni enjoys crocheting, reading, and writing. A favorite past time of hers is craving the defeat of Canadian geese. The reason Methni joined Journalism Club is her curiosity about the club and her interest in writing. 

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Paige Jensen-Rutter

Paige is a sophomore who helps manages the website for Journalism Club, as well as writing articles about various subjects. She is also involved in the headache that is her education, and poetry club. In her spare time, Paige enjoys playing the ukulele, writing, reading, singing, DnD, and obsessing over music artists. A fun fact about her is that she loves to travel and created her own website. The reason Paige joined Journalism Club is because she is passionate about writing in almost all forms. 

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Nadia Sierra

Nadia is a sophomore who plans to be a consistent writer as well as an arts/sports writer. She is also involved in Yearbook, Octagon Club, and Track and Field. In her spare time, she enjoyes reading, listening to music, writing, and running. Her favorite food is strawberries and her favorite movie is the Hunger Games. Nadia joined Journalism club because of her writing hobby.

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Victoria Camerena

Victoria is a sophomore who plans to submit articles about women’s empowerment and rights. She is also involved in Women in Stem, Speech and Debate, and Women’s Empowerment Club. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and writing. The reason Victoria joined Journalism Club is to discuss important topics.

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Sophie Dhanraj

Sophie is a junior who plans to submit articles sporadically. She is also involved with Academic Team, HOSA, French Club, Study Buddies and Science Bowl. She works a part time job as a tutor at Mathnasium, and she has been taking piano lessons for 10 years. Sophie is also part of the Biotech block program, and her favorite subjects are science and math. Her favorite music artist is Queen, and her favorite foods are sushi and pizza. She joined journalism because she is interested in becoming a scientific researcher someday, and wants to improve her writing skills. 


Amrita Saini

Amrita Saini is a senior at Centerville High School. She loves to participate in activities that go towards doing good in her community. She is a big fan of artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet. In her free time, she loves to read murder mysteries, play Chopin on the piano and is an avid watcher of the stars at night (her favorite constellations include Andromeda and the Corona Borealis). She is a part of Mock trial, Model UN, Destination Imagination, Equality Club, Meditation club, and Art Ascending Charity Art Auction. She was drawn to join journalism club as it is a group of individuals who share a passion for writing like her and she wanted to have a place to publish her opinions. 


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Words from Our Alumni

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Maddie Thomas

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Lillian Ali

"Maddie and I started Journalism Club in late 2020/early 2021 because there wasn’t one at CHS, and we both were interested in journalistic writing. Journalism club helped me find a casual, friendly community where we could explore different kinds of writing than what we learn in class. Right now, I’m studying Journalism at Northwestern University, while pursuing a (potential) second major in Legal Studies and a minor in Middle East North African studies. I really don’t know where I’ll be in a few years, but I know I’ll still be writing."

 "I co-founded Journalism Club because I believe that high

school students should have the opportunity to express themselves,

build political literacy, and learn about the practice and profession of

journalism. I learned a lot from Journalism Club. It taught me about

leadership and organization — from a practical standpoint,

I realized how hard it is to organize, recruit, and motivate a group of

people to achieve a common purpose. I have a lot of respect for not

only the visible leaders in our world, but also those like secretaries

and organizers who do a lot of invisible labor to get people together.

I was also able to work on my writing in a genre that had previously

been completely unfamiliar to me. Along with my co-president Lillian,

we explored the concepts of group feedback and editing in ways that

I think will continue to influence the way i think about constructive

criticism and revision as I begin my college career as a prospective

humanities/social sciences major with lots of papers to write. I’m a

first-year student at Bryn Mawr College, a historically women’s college

in Philadelphia, thinking about majoring in English and/or Sociology

with a minor in Education with the end goal of becoming a teacher or

a social worker. So far it’s going pretty well! In a few years I will still be

attending college, but I think graduate school of some sort is likely in

my future. I am still figuring out my strengths and interests, and I look

forward to seeing what’s next for me."

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