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Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Mediocre: Thank You, Marvel, For Yet Another Blunder

By Paige Jensen-Rutter October 8, 2022

Okay. I shall preface this by saying I've gotten tired of Marvel.

I don't want to see Thor: Love and Thunder.

I don't want to see whoever they've found to play She-Hulk smash something.

I don’t want to suffer through another series they hype up and make people obsess over.

I want Marvel to up its content game quality-wise, not quantity-wise.

Back to the point.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is a recent abysmal addition to the MCU. What the film does in two and a half hours could be summarized in a ten-minute Marvel One-Shot.

I'm both anxious to see where the MCU is headed, and terrified to find out where everything ends up.

Personally, I feel they're heading down a dark and slippery slope between the comic book histories - AKA how I spoiled WandaVision for myself - and the multiverse they're trying to create. The studio's films as of late are great for the director. Just a fantastic boost to their name. They've directed films that succeeded on a career level but failed as decent films in the MCU.

The conclusion I've come to is that Disney=Controversy, and since Marvel is controlled by the House of Mouse, I think it's safe to say that Marvel=Controversy too.

I guess the true magic of Disney is making a film look so much more appealing in the trailer.

So if, like me, you would like to waste two and a half hours of your life on a film that flops on the ground like a dead fish for all but five minutes, then Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness is the film for you.


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