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A Subtle Musical Crisis

By Paige Jensen-Rutter October 20, 2022

Taylor Swift drops her Midnights album in less than two days. As a Swiftie, I'm practically over the moon to be getting a new era of Taylor, but I feel slightly off balance. She's always been brilliant at dropping hints and little easter eggs, her fans growing into their role as the true crime detectives of the music industry. But with as much excitement that comes with a new album comes a certain level of anxiety as well. This is the first album that appears to stretch across the eras of Swift, and I have a feeling that any previous pain her listeners have experienced so far will be minuscule to what Midnights has in store. Thirteen sleepless nights. Muted yet vibrant color schemes that only provoke memories of Augustine in a folklore meets 1989 meets Long Pond Studio Sessions sense. You once asked us if we were Ready For It... We've stayed up till past midnight listening to you before, and we'll do it again and again. Taylor, we're ready. Welcome To The Midnights era.


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